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vBulletin Updates 4/1/17

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  • vBulletin Updates 4/1/17

    I received the following reply regarding improving some posting and linking issues, This is just FYI... especially if you think "Remember Me" isn't working because you had to sign back in.

    The issue with the [going to the] last post [link] is strange - as in one browser I'm taken to the last post but another on a different machine I'm not...

    In terms of cookies, I've changed the cookie prefix in the site config to a new one and also the Thread Marking option within AdminCP to see if this helps. A side effect of the prefix change is that everyone will need to log in again as this will force a new cookie to be written to their machines (in case you get any complaints that "Remember Me" isn't working).

    I've also cleared the site's cache at a server level - this may slow things down marginally at first as content is re-written to the cache as people use the site from now however this shouldn't be overly noticeable.

    Best regards,
    vBulletin Support Staff
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