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  • Number of results from Google search


    I've just read through all the threads from the 10 pages of results from the Google search on the topic of "TD-8".
    The information I found there is interesting and useful but not really groundbreaking compared to several threads I read earlier. And I'm quite interested to read more on the topic, especially as I'm on holiday and it looks like I'm getting a flu.

    So, my question is - is the ten pages of results just some default setting? Is there a way to see more results, or if there is more results?
    Or if someone can confirm that searching for "TD-8" returns those 10 pages as there is simply no more.

    Thanks for any clarifications on this.
    Happy new year!
    TD-11 + TD-4 with a few pads and cymbals.

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    You should try this custom google search in the forum:
    Pearl Mimic Pro. Also, TD-11 triggering Superior Drummer 3.0, Roland Handsonic HPD-20.


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      Thanks, this is probably what I used. Got the link from the sticky topic in the lounge.
      I get straight 10 pages of results here as well.
      TD-11 + TD-4 with a few pads and cymbals.