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Testing- please ignore.

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  • Testing- please ignore.

    Hi everybody. Please ignore this post. I'm testing image and attachment upload. I made some configuration changes and inserted images and sound files. Yes, I know the sound files are... less than stellar. It's just stuff I grabbed off the web for free. I think this will save mp3's, mp4's, and .wav files.

    Please don't reply to this unless you have (1) specific instructions as to an upload/posting method that fails, or (2) a specific attachment you want to upload and can't.

    Thank you.




    I'm a software developer, not a musician. (I've always said that of all the things I can't do, music is the thing I most wish I could. But that's a digression)

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    This site kinda bites...all of my images seem to be too large to upload, and it's somewhat unorganized...


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      We have set image file limitations to lessen server load. Sorry, we're not Facebook.

      As for organization, I'd love to hear your improvements.
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        Originally posted by Maximus8423 View Post
        This site kinda bites...all of my images seem to be too large to upload, and it's somewhat unorganized...

        So, you need to learn something new: how to upload images...

        Anything wrong with that? Could be fun, eh?

        Learning drum patterns, ... learning how to upload a picture... it's all part of the process...

        As for unorganized... there's that search button up there, in the right corner....
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          Just scale your images down to something like 700 x 400 pixels or whatever, and then upload them.
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