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REO Speedwagon - Ridin' The Storm Out

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  • REO Speedwagon - Ridin' The Storm Out

    So last night the band just jumped into Ridin' the Storm Out. Always a fun song. I laughed pretty hard when the singer mouthed the opening and closing synthesizer.

    My question is how can we do this a little more professionally. I was thinking with just the TD-15K kit, if I could find the samples of just the synth opening and closing, have it as two different sound tracks and then just push play at the right time during our performance. Not sure how I would go about getting both those samples though?

    Take it a step further with an SPD-30 or an SPD-SX perhaps? I so green to their capability.

    Thoughts? Advice.

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    Found quite a bit on how to actually make the sound with a minimoog. No access to one of those.

    Lots of folk asking for the effect, you'd think it would exist out there in a .mp3, .wav or even a .oog file?

    I found great clips on things like the THX sound effect. If I could only find the the 'siren' to Ridin' The Storm Out.

    Is there a Google trick to finding sound files?


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      Try this http://www.gforcesoftware.com/products/minimonsta Download the demo of Minimonsta and make it yourself.
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