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TD11-KV + SD2.3 = poor sound in real time

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  • TD11-KV + SD2.3 = poor sound in real time

    Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well...

    I have a little problem and as wondering if anyone can help me with this...

    Heres the story...

    I have td11-kv connected to a Macbook Pro ( 2010, os x 10.9, 8GB ram) via usb cable. I use garage band with superior drummer to trigger sounds and here my problem starts...

    Inside SD, when I click in a particular instrument of the "visual drums" (tom, snare, bass drum, etc) i get a "rich" sound as expected. Very good sound.

    If I record some track in garage band and them play, I also get a "rich" sound... I don't know if rich sound is the word to express myself here, but i think you get the point. I get the sound as expected, a very good sound.

    My problem is when I want to play and listen at the same time, like a live play. I connect my headphones to headphone out jack on MBP and play.. but in these case the sound is much worse... a poor, thinner sound, without life, if you know what i mean...

    Does anyone know what could be the problem !?

    I have also tried with the free version of Addictive Drums and the something occurs..

    Thanks a lot,

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    Could be all kinds of things...

    - You may want to check your headphones first and make sure they're okay.

    - Next, make sure there are no unwanted equalizers in the signal path, i.e. bypass them, turn them off.

    - Turn the physical volume of your TD-11 down in order to check that your internal TD-11 sounds don't mess with SD via USB-audio.

    - Maybe the trigger settings of SD needs adjustment, too.


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