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Any 'suggested settings' for triggering VST drum samples?

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  • Any 'suggested settings' for triggering VST drum samples?

    I'm happy using my Roland TD-8's built-in sounds for practising, but for recording I use Superior Drummer. I've noticed, however, that the samples played back when I trigger them from my kit sound a little different to the in-built samples.

    e.g. The VST samples are all a lot quieter/require harder hits to play the louder samples. Also the hihat pedal control is all over the place, rather than smooth from closed to open.

    Are there any trigger settings I should be doing inside the TD-8 module itself to give the VST on my computer a better trigger range etc? Or does the TD-8 module not actually do anything to the MIDI being passed through? If there's any settings I can change to make it better, I assume these are global on the module, rather than per-patch? i.e. If I could have a preset group of trigger settings for playing back VST samples and then another for playing internal module sounds that would be awesome, but I doubt there's a way to do that......is there???

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    These things are designed from a keyboard so try a more exponential velocity curve in the TD8 or there might be similar options in SD... Someone else will have to chip in with the hi hat issue, cause I don't use one.
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