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Latency Question SD2 + Reaper

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  • Latency Question SD2 + Reaper

    I'm using a TD-9 with Superior Drummer 2, recording with Reaper. A Roland UM-One is the USB interface to a HP Laptop, (AMD Dual-Core E-300 APU with Radeon HD 6310 Graphics (1.3 GHz, 1 MB cache, 4GB DDR3).
    My question is, is it possible for there to be latency in a recording that you don't hear while playing? To further explain, I'm inserting media files (mp3's) and playing along while recording. To me, I'm playing correctly, in time, but when I play it back, there are times when I'm ahead of the beat. I've tried dumbing down what I'm playing to ensure that I'm not rushing things or lagging behind but it still appears that there's an issue. (I hope it's not me!)

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    There may be a Reaper pref telling your DAW to accommodate for plugin latency. I know Logic has it. Also, it may be you. Does the TD9 have a "coaching" function? Otherwise, you could try some software like "drum tutor" and see if you really are ahead.
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      From what you are describing; you start off in time, and when you do go out of sync, you are always ahead of the beat, i.e. because it's the computer that has paused momentarily and it's not a consistent or predictable delay.

      I would say it's a computer issue from those symptoms. I would read up on how to setup your laptop for recording for starters as there's a lot of things to cover... even a youtube tutorial might give you a idea where to start tweaking because it's a complex subject I know.

      I can cover the basics quickly; disable anything that might cause interrupts like anti-virus software, (obviously your PC is clean of viruses right?) turn off any dynamic CPU clock / power saving features, and use a DPC Latency Checker to find any process causing interrupts also. The laptop is the most complex equipment in the recording chain, so I would make sure that's not the primary problem before looking elsewhere.
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        Under Options/Project/TrackSend Defaults/Record Config, I enabled Preserve PDC Delayed Monitoring in Recorded Items.