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No sound from kit/pads

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  • No sound from kit/pads


    I知 having a problem running Addictive Drums and BFDeco. I have two laptops of which one is used just for drumming. That machine is sick and in the shop for repair. In the interim I知 attempting to use the other one.

    I have attempted to install both on the second machine. I can hear grooves from the kits when they are played and I can hear the instruments (i.e., cymbals, toms, snare, etc.) when they are clicked on the screen. However, I hear nothing when I hit any pad on my Roland TD-11 kit. When I go to the MIDI Interface in AD or am viewing the KeyMap screen BFD and hit a pad, nothing registers on the keyboard. It acts like no signal is being sent to the VST software.

    In AD when I go to the MIDI interface to configure, it shows my TD-11 as an Active MIDI Input but it is grayed out thus not allowing me to check it to activate it; in BFD the I/O settings show ASIO: TD-11 -- again, however, no sound from the pads.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps and the Roland TD-11 driver three times. Each time I attempted to also clear the registry and program files. I did have this working temporarily but apparently did something that may have caused a problem, either with the computer or the drum module. It looks like it may be some Roland TD-11 setting or something that痴 causing this but again may be some computer setting. However, I don稚 remember doing anything different or unique, either on the computer or the module.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Steve K.