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anyone using Superior Drummer 2.0 and a drumKAT?

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  • anyone using Superior Drummer 2.0 and a drumKAT?

    Totally new to running sampled sound libraries via a drumKAT live...

    I currently have a drumKAT 3.8 two fatKAT's and a hatKAT with several dauz pads.
    Sound modules are Roland TD-7, Alesis D4, and Kawai GMega for synth sounds.

    I am unhappy with the response and sounds and have been looking at running a laptop and Superior Drummer with an M Audio interface but I'll need a newer laptop.

    I currently have a Dell Insperon 1520 -b2.2 Ghz dual core 2 GB ram and 150 GB HD running XP.

    From what I've been reading and hearing talking to a few folks is I need something faster quad core or 3 Ghz machine with 4 GB of higher speed ram. Any and all help or suggestions would be highly appreciated as I need to upgrade within the next two weeks before gigs start.

    Also side question which I've seen answers in other forums here... which seems to respond better live, Superior or BFD3 or?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have a DrumKat setup with a hatkat and a kickkat, I used to use a Alesis DM5 and now run SuperDrummer through an M-Audio interface. This runs comfortably off a 11" core 2 duo Macbook Air which is a few years old and has 4gb of ram. I've used this successfully live mixed with an acoustic kit.

    For your setup you may be ok with you existing laptop so long as you put some more ram in it. With Superior I think that so long as you are not running loads of plug-ins, most fairly modern processors should be able to cope pretty comfortably. Superior does like to use a chunk of ram though, especially if you want turn on all the mic bleeds but I don't normally bother with these for live use.
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