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Need help to stop audio from dropping out

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  • Need help to stop audio from dropping out

    So, I have been having a lot of stability problems with audio. I have roland td20 drums, focusrite 6i6, and Ableton live 9 lite. I can be playing and the sound just stops. I thought it was a problem with Ableton, so I tried reaper, but it did not fix the problem. I then thought it was a problem with ssd4 because whenever the audio would stop, ssd4 also stopped showing what drum I was hitting. I then tried just running grooves in ssd and playing them directly through my computer audio card. when I did this it had no problems and I let it run for about 4 hours (normally stops working in under 30 minutes). The next time I played it with my drums and it stopped working, I went into the preferences (in ableton) and deselected the foucusrite 6i6 and reselected it. When I did this the audio came back and it worked fine, but only for a while. what can I do to fix tis problem? I am trying to use this live and right now it is too unreliable to do so.

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    Could it be a problem with the drum software and the way it loads the samples into RAM/stream from disk?


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      I really thought it was a problem with ssd4 at first, but after trying every setting it has for loading and talking with their support, I no longer think the problem is caused by ssd4. The biggest telling thing for me was that ssd4 will work fine just playing grooves using the internal card and that when the audio stops it can be fixed by reselecting the 6i6.


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        I have a similar problem which I think is down to buffering. I use a Tascam US 1800 and got the traditional 'crackles' after about 10 mins. Raising or lowering the buffer made no difference, Swapped the usb cable to usb 3 socket and can get an hour or so now without problems. My only advice is to make sure your focusrite has its own usb port and see if that helps. Adjusting the latency isn't really an option for us drummers anyway,
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          Are you sure its not a driver problem on the 6i6? Is your OS supported by the latest drivers?
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