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Users of TD-30 and Slate SSD4 PLEASE HELP

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  • Users of TD-30 and Slate SSD4 PLEASE HELP


    Im using the TD30 and the SSD4. It seems the TD30 is responding to my playing very well. on the other hand The SSD has more realistic sounds that sit better in the mix.

    Id love to use the SSD instead of the TD30 but the response to my playing is far from perfect ESPECIALLY the Hi hat (VH13). Its basically useless and never responds correctly to my playing.

    Is there any set of settings you suggest for the HH and in general to get better performance from the SSD4?


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    Im just looking to figure out how to add my additional pads and cymbals in it. I got this for 50$ off of someone and love it. I just need to figure that part out.
    Roland TD-30KV, Alesis Strike Pro Kit, Tama HW, QSC K10x2, Logic Pro, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt Interface