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Connect Roland TD-3 to SSD4

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  • Connect Roland TD-3 to SSD4

    I am trying to connect my Roland TD-3 V-Drums to SSD4. My DAW is simply a plugin "Host" called "saviHost by Herman Seib. I am using a USB to MIDI cable from my labtop to the drum module. Is the MIDI out cable supposed to go in the MIDI in of the drum module and vice versa? I have tried this but SSD4 does not recognize it. When I put the MIDI out/in cable into MIDI out/in of the drum module, it does recognize my pad hits as SSD4 samples are being played from my labtop however the sounds from my drum module are still active. (even though "Local control" is off on my TD-3 module) I have found no specific tutorials regarding how to connect Electronic drums to SSD4. Please help! I'm hoping that I did not just waste $70.
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