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Problem when using Reaper with Addictive Drums

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  • Problem when using Reaper with Addictive Drums

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find a similar posting anywhere on the forums.

    I own a Roland TD-4 set that I hook up to my laptop, which is running Reaper and Addictive Drums. I really prefer the sound of the drum samples in Addictive Drums over the sounds on the TD-4 drum brain. I've got it all working with low-latency (I'm using ASIO Drivers) and it's great - there is one problem I am hoping some one can help me understand.

    When I load Reaper and Addictive Drums, the ASIO Drivers kick in (a little 'ASIO Configuration' icon appears on my laptop's icon tray where I can go to change the buffer size, amongst other configuration options). When this happens, audio from other applications on my laptop do nott produce any sound. Playing local files through a media player, a youtube video, CD / DVD, do not produce any sound - it's like once the ASIO drivers are loaded, the only sounds I can get out of my laptop are the drum sounds in Addictive Drums. I'm plugging my drum brain in using a simple USB to MIDI converter cable - MIDI out of the brain, USB into the laptop.

    I assume this is a pretty basic lack of understanding on my part - but does anyone know how I can solve this? Or, is this just a known limitation of ASIO Drivers on Windows? I'd like to have the drum samples coming from Addictive Drums, but also be able to play songs / videos on my laptop and have that sound come through as well.

    Do I need to hook things up differently (different type of cable?), or do I need a separate device entirely to go from my drum brain > device > laptop? Would this device here do what I need?

    I still don't understand what devices like the Focusrite USB Audio Interface (linked above) actually do, or if I'm even on the right track here. Any assistance or advice would be much appreciated!