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Detailed Hi hat hits

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  • Detailed Hi hat hits

    Im trying to achieve the sound a hi hat makes when you hit it while it's opening. (I don't know the name) heard at 1:03 and 1:05 http://youtu.be/ywxJSR042gg when you hit the hi hat cymbal right after releasing the pedal. I'm able to achieve this about 1/3 of the time using Roland TD-11 with FD-8 hi hat pedal through superior drummer 2.3. I can't get the sound at all using the built in TD-11 kits. Is there a way to midi program the sound using Logic X? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. And if you happen to know the name of this sound. Thank you!
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    I never know what to call that closed to open sound either... one of the great mysteries...

    On a TD9, it doesn't really work. You have to hit it when its already opening, not when its closed. The idea that you hit it closed and then open it immediately on a an acoustic cymbal will get you that sound you want. On an electronic cymbal, that would be called transmuting. In order for that to work, the module would need to read and interpret a stream of CC data from the pedal, and then change fromt he closed sound through to the open sound in a continuous melding of samples. The TD9, and I am guessing the TD11, only reads the CC data at the point you HIT the Hi hat. What you do after that with the foot pedal is not interpreted.

    NOW, you say you have Superior Drummer. SD CAN interpret streaming CC data and transmute the sound. It is tricky to set up, but will work with your TD9 and VH11. But I have never tried it... I bought a Gen16 HH instead.
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