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Issues with ride tip & bell triggering floor tom in Superior Drummer 2.3.2

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  • Issues with ride tip & bell triggering floor tom in Superior Drummer 2.3.2

    I'm running the current SD2 software, but when I use their "E-drums Roland" preset for my TD-30 module/Jobeky drums/Roland cymbals kit, the ride tip and bell articulations trigger the second floor tom. I know your first instinct - use the "remove" feature on the MIDI note that plays the tom sound from the ride. I tried that; in fact I removed all of the notes to where the ride cymbal had 0 notes triggering ride sounds (all articulations were empty of MIDI notes in their list) yet it still was triggering the floor tom. So there's some behind-the-scenes magic going on and I don't like it. Has anyone found a solution to this? I'm not super experienced with MIDI; I just wanted to keep my setup simple and working quickly after plugging in to record.


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    You wouldn't remove all of the ride articulations. You'd remove the errant tom note. There must be a tom articulation mapped to one of the midi notes that your ride cymbal triggers. I don't use any "Roland" midi maps or preset ones. It's really easy to map all of your kit pieces using the learn function in SD2. Save that map, and build all of your kits using that map.
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