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Stve Slate 3.5 and Roland VH12 -not a good pair?

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  • Stve Slate 3.5 and Roland VH12 -not a good pair?

    Hi all

    Any clues on getting this pair to work together?
    From a TD20 it would appear I only have ONE midi out option for the hat note and hence I can only trigger OPEN, CLOSED or FOOT SPLASH sound in SSD3.5?
    Is this a known 'dog' pairing OR is there a trick ?

    PS - considering an SSD4.0 upgrade IF that assists in this area ?


    Roland TD20W Expanded - SPD30 Octopad - Roland CM220 Monitor System - Steven Slate Drums VST - ALL VEX kits

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    SSD 4 is a huge improvement regarding vdrum support. It's also on sale now.