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Superior Drummer 2.0 with HD-3

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  • Superior Drummer 2.0 with HD-3

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and I hope this is the right section for my question.

    I've been using HD-3 in combination with EZdrummer for some months with satisfaction, except I don't like too much the toms' sound and unfortunately EZdrummer doesn't give you the chance to customize the mic settings and the pitch of the drums.
    So I decided to upgrade my setup with Superior Drummer, and though I like all its capabilities and multiple sound configuration options, I am struggling with an issue that makes playing with it a little more difficult to me.

    The problem is, when I use the hihat pedal I apparently get a nice foot-closed HH sound, but if I hit the pedal again quickly (like when playing foot-closed hat in quarters) when I lift my foot I can hear the "tail" of a open hihat sound or of a foot-splash sound.
    It seems that the closed pedal sound and the foot splash are superimposed, or triggered together, and if you release the foot too early, you can hear the end of the second sound.
    I can partially solve the problem by lifting the foot very gently and only up to a short extent, but this only works when playing 16th notes. On the contrary, when marking loudly some quarter notes with hi-hat pedal, the result is unacceptable.

    I tried to change the midi note for HHFootClose on HD-3 according to SD drum map, but it did not help.

    Note that I don't have experience of a real drumset.
    Therefore I'm not sure if this is the expected behaviour of a real hihat pedal, but this problem never came out while using EZdrummer, and the hihat pedal behaviour is exactly the same when I play EZdrummer or when I use the Roland internal sounds, so I guess not.

    So, it is possible that Superior Drummer, being an extremely professional product, doesn't like the hi-hat pedal of a basic drumset like HD-3?
    So far, I did not found a solution anywhere else.

    Also, I can simply use both VST at same time, playing the hi-hat from EZdrummer and the rest of drumset from SD2.0, but this is a very rough workaround.

    Any suggestion or experience about the combination of SD and HD-3 would be extremely helpful.