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ezdrummer basic question

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  • ezdrummer basic question

    Hi all, Just some basic ezdrummer questions. I recently bought a td9 and am wondering exactly how to link it with the software. I have a midi to USB cable to connect it to my laptop. Will the ezdrummer kit become a kit on my td9, so essentially would I be able to use the record function, and rhythm tracker/scope? Also the td9 pads are dual trigger, I want to use the rims as cowbells. Ezdrummer rock/pop doesn't have a cowbell does it? So could I run all the kit through ezdrummer, and the rims as the td9 cowbells at the same time? Thanks, jq

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    Hi JQ85,

    Your TD-9 module when used with a product like EZDrummer will only be used to produce midi signals (when you hit the triggers). The drum samples (sounds) will be produced by EZdrummer through your built in sound card on your computer.

    You could record the beat on your TD-9 and it will play the drum kit that is loaded in EZDrummer on your computer but it EZdrummer will not become an actual kit on your TD-9.

    If you are wanting to setup different voices on different triggers you will have to do so in EZDrummer.

    The TD-9 only supports Mono/Stereo Out and does not have individual outputs so I don't think you will be able to use a cowbell sound from your TD-9 and Drum sounds through EZDrummer at the same time.

    DRUMS/TRIGGERS - Connected to TD-9 via TRS 1/4" Jacks
    TD-9 (MIDI OUT) - (Produces MIDI Signals After Triggers Have Been Hit)
    MIDI to USB (MIDI INPUT) Connects the TD-9 to The Computer To Receive The MIDI Signals
    EZDRUMMER - (Stand Alone Application Used To Produce Drum Samples/Voices)
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