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BFD eco or Addictive Drums

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  • BFD eco or Addictive Drums

    I recently purchased a copy of BFD eco from Musicians Friend for only $26 with a coupon. IMO it sounds much better than Addictive Drums, especially the cymbals. It was a bit more challenging to set up for me but Iím sure most of you would have no problem. The only thing to me is it seems to have a bit more of a latency issue, but that may just be me. Iíd like to run it with ASIO4ALL, but so far no luck. Iím running it through my TD-11 module and that works fine. One complaint about both is their support. I believe the only communication is through email or online forums and for the most part they are not too helpful. But doing a bit of research on the web, I got most of my questions answered.

    Just my 2-centsÖ.