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Quick Help Please TD6V and sd 2.0

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  • Quick Help Please TD6V and sd 2.0

    I saw several edrum displays at the NAMM show using SD 2.0. They all had Trigger IO set ups and were working great. I would like to try SD 2.0 with my TD6V module, but I am confused as usual. I only want to use it live. I have a decent laptop on stage all ready. What do I need to buy to hook up the laptop and the TD6V to make this work and how do I hook it up? The laptop has firewire and usb. Would it be cheaper and easier to just buy a trigger IO? Any help is appreciated-dave

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    I am in the same process - only wanting to play "live", not recording - and I am not sure of the actual need for a separate audio interface to avoid latency. I have right now tried the MIDI-interface M-Audio Midisport Uno USB and I do not feel like there is a latency-problem using my iMac 2.8 GHz Core2Duo with 4 Gb RAM.

    But what do you mean by trigger IO? You use your TD6-module to trigger midi-signals and connect your module's midi-out to the USB port of the computer using a simple MIDI-interface and that should do it, if you don't get latency problems, which might be solved by getting an external audio interface instead of relying on the one built-in the laptop. See Weldman's post for more info:


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      As well as my post, look up the VST Primer thread pinned at the top of the forum.
      Basically you need an audio interface and MIDI interface.

      For live use you will want something with a set of balanced outputs. The PreSonus Firebox offers this and is a great interface with on board MIDI.
      Simply run the MIDI out of the module to the interface In and run the audio outs of the interface to the house PA.
      Tweak any sounds on your laptop as that is where the audio is coming from.
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