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Superior 2.0 problems with TD-9 and VH11

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  • Superior 2.0 problems with TD-9 and VH11


    Let me start off by saying I had this all working with a CY5/FD8 after following Joe K's instructions.

    I just replaced that combination with a VH-11 setup. I followed the instructions in the VH-11 manual and TD-9 manual on how to set up the VH-11. Powered up with the foot pedal up, etc. When using the setup with just the TD-9 is seems pretty good.

    I'm having some issues getting it working in S2.0 now. I am able to get the 2 open sounds assigned to hatsTrig and hatsTipTrig, when the hats aren't closed, but I get a pretty loose sound for the closed hats.

    I've messed with the the setting screw on the hihats, and have had no luck.

    What is interesting though is that when I am sending the closed hatsTrig and hatsTipTrig I am seeing different notes in S2 then what is in Joe's doc. I verified in the tD-9 that the correct notes would be sent for those events, so it appears that for whatever reason I am not sending them.

    I've also messed with the "HH Compatibility" and "HH note# border" (page 53) in the TD-9 and haven't come up with anything else.

    I will verify tomorrow using Cubase that I am not sending the correct numbers, but since it seems that is the case, anyone have any ideas?

    It almost seems like it's a mechanical issue with the hihat stand/hihats. I had to assemble the clutch onto the hihat, but it's pretty straight forward, and as mentioned it seems to work ok with the TD9 itself.

    Any tips would be appreciated.