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Roland TD-8 to Sonar 8 Producer. Instructions anyone??

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  • Roland TD-8 to Sonar 8 Producer. Instructions anyone??

    I have just recently obtained a Roland TD-8 and am enjoying it very much. I would like to record my performances onto my laptop. For that I bought the M-Audio Uno Midi to USB. I have multiple programs to sample from.
    Sony Acid 6.0
    Reason 4.0
    Sonar 8 Producer Edition
    Fruity Loops 8
    Drumagog and many more.
    However when I try to use any of these in combination with another I have a very difficult time. I am not to familiar with the VST Instruments and getting my drums to trigger the sounds.

    I am looking for step-by-step instructions on how to do this. I have yet to find any detailed instructions on how to do so. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction, I would much appreciate it.

    This is my current set-up

    Roland TD-8
    (Local control off)
    M-Audio Midi to USB into my laptop
    Currently using Sonar 8


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    Sonar is the best for MIDI in this case as it offers a good MIDI interface. It may not work on a laptop if its too slow be sure it plays well.

    Run BFD as a VSTi in Sonar 8

    Search google for "BFD and Sonar setup" or search the Sonar forums to figure out how to get the VST file found in Sonar.
    It involves finding the .dll file though Sonars menus, (Options > Global... > VST Plug-in tab).

    For Superior Drummer 2.0 mine was at C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugIns

    After that is tracked down you will have the option of BFD in your virtual synth rack

    Once you select that as your synth, Sonar will pop up a box asking how you want the audio routed and such. I tend to choose the "All Synth Audio Outputs: Stereo" option. Sonar will make a MIDI track and some Audio tracks. After you record your MIDI data you can tweak the sound of the drums and then export as an MP3 or WAV file without any bumping of tracks. Sonar now converts all the MIDI to Audio on an export when you run software synths.
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