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  • rentadrummer
    I don't have Cubase, but in Digital Performer I add a second EZD instrument track, which opens a second instance of EZDrummer. There's a pull down menu at the top of each instance where you select the expansion pack, so in one instance you'd leave it as PopRock, but in the other you'd select DFH. In each instance you can choose which instruments you want to use, and any instruments you aren't using in that instance should be set to None. Otherwise you'll have sounds from both instances playing at the same time.

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  • drummermandan02
    started a topic EZDrummer help.

    EZDrummer help.

    I have recently managed to get EZDrummer working with my setup (DTXpress III, Firepod and Cubase), but I would like to change the drum samples that EZDrummer provide.
    I have the DKFH expansion pack, so I have more samples that I could use. But I cant figure out in EZDrummer how to select more sounds than about the 5 in the drop down arrows (the arrows that are on the image of the kit).

    Can anyone help with this problem. I understand from reading specs etc, that both EZDrummer and the DKFH come with a HUGE library of samples to use, so there must be a way of changing these sounds.

    Thanks in advance! I cant wait to get home from work and start recording!!!!!!!!