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td6, superior drummer 2 and presonus firebox

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  • td6, superior drummer 2 and presonus firebox


    I have recently setup toontrack superior drummer 2. I haven't done any drum mapping or anything, all I did was launch the toontrack solo program and tried playing on the kit and unexpectedly it started to work. However, I noticed that with continous rolls or faster type playing, the sound would dropout for a tick then come back. I'm not sure whether this is because I haven't done any midi mapping or whether its a latency issue? Can anyone help out? thanks

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    ok i have fixed this problem in toontrack solo by updating my drivers for the presonus firebox. sounds amazing. So now I want to record in cubase, however, now im getting a latency issue. Ive opened up a instrument track and selected superior drummer as output. It sounds real soft (but very nice) and there is latency. Is there any way to record in toontrack solo as audio or do I have to record as midi? I don't get why I get latency with cubase and not with toontrack solo?


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      fixed...had the asio full duplex driver in device-setup set, its now on presonus firebox and working like magic