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    Hey guys, I was advised that I should see this thread if I am looking for real sound / responce / feel from my Hart / roland combo. Can you tell me what I would need to use any of these software programs? I have the top Roland module (I think the td-20.) Where would I go from there? I am not familiar with MIDI or any of those related things. Thanks. I am looking for real sound - response


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    First you'll need a decent computer with at least a gig of ram. Then you'll need an audio midi interface. I went with an EMU 0404 PCI card interface. I got it for $70 at guitar center online, and it was a "refurbished" card with full warranty. You connect the midi output of the TD-20 to the midi input on your audio/midi interface. Then you connect your speakers to the audio/midi interface's audio output. All the connections are now done. Now you need a sample library for the "real sounding" drum samples. EZ drummer, Superior 2, BFD 2, and many others will suffice, but I recommend Superior Drummer 2($300). It comes with a program that lets you use it standalone, meaning you don't need to have a compatible recording program to use it(like pro tools or cubase). That's pretty much it. I would advise staying away from USB audio/midi interfaces, and go for firewire interfaces, or a PCI card like the one I bought. I am very satisfied with this setup and it sounds great and is very responsive. HERE is a link to me playing my setup to a classic funk jam. This is what your drums could sound like.


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      +1 on Superior 2.0.

      You can't go wrong. You can tweak it any way you want... tight/less "room" sound or a nice natural reverby "room" sound.

      If you don't know much about MIDI, know this - you can do a lot more with v-drums if you utilize midi. I have the TD12 and think the sounds inside it SUCK. I paid for the trigger inputs and overall trigger tweaking, not at all for the internal sounds.

      You can hear me playing Superior 2.0 at my band's myspace... I played Superior 2.0 on all of the songs on our page.

      As the other poster said, you'll need an audio interface for your computer, preferably with a MIDI port (the Presonus Firebox is a Firewire interface with a MIDI breakout cable)... but you need a Firewire port in your computer (or a card that has ports) if you don't have one.

      Check out the website for a lot of beginner guides to MIDI and interfacing with a computer.

      Hope this helps!!

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        Another note for firewire. If your computer does NOT have firewire and you want to install a FW card, get one that has a Texas Instruments chipset and avoid combo cards with USB and FW together. Here is a decent one.


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          (Slightly on topic, with hopes of improving the OP's chances of success)

          I am planning on getting a new Macbook( NOT the Pro). The new Macbook does not have a FireWire input. I plan on using Superior 2.0 triggered by my TD-6. If I plan on recording/playing live, will the USB 2.0 be fast enough?

          I have done research here and on other sites, but maybe you can give me a concrete answer - "One V-drummer to another" It is my understanding that FireWire is the only way to go for multitrack, analog to digital recording because of its speed. Is USB 2.0 fast enough to get the MIDI track onto the computer to trigger in a live setting? What about getting MIDI signals into Logic without monitoring latency? Thanks
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            USB 2 is fast enough for midi, but the onboard sound card will be the weak link when it comes to latency/sound quality. I have never used a Mac, so my info may be useless to you. There WAS somebody that posted a thread in this section that said he had excellent results using a cheap usb to midi cable and the onboard sound card in his laptop recently............