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Looking for advice on recording/sampling

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  • Looking for advice on recording/sampling


    I think this is the correct forum to post this in, so here goes.

    I'm looking for some hardware/software advice, as well as an idea of costs,
    for the the following: I'd like to be able to send the midi feed from my
    V-Drum kit to recording software, and then use that track in a drum sampler
    software to get the sounds I want, taking the final result and using it from
    my SPD-S for live shows.

    My understanding is that ProTools and EZ Drummer are the most common
    software for doing this, but I'm looking for recomendations on the
    versions/pricing. Keep in mind this is stricly for home recording (I'm not
    going to be recording other tracks or instruments). I also would appreciate
    hardware recommendations for the midi/audio capture card and pricing.

    Much thanks in advance for your advice!