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Distortion in S2 Avatar kits

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  • Distortion in S2 Avatar kits

    I'm distorting wildly, to the extent that my DAW Logic crashes the tracks I'm trying to record to, but it only happens in Avatar kits. DFH loaded via Superior works fine, as does EZDrummer loaded from its own window or the Superior one.

    It would not appear to be equipment failure on my part, nor might it be the Superior engine, given that DFH & EZD run fine within it.

    Anyone any thoughts? We can't solve it.

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    Hi Scott

    It simply says v 2.0 in the top right of the GUI. Mind you, I am no techie!

    The DAW is my brother's ancient version of Logic 5.2, which is an untested host. I'm using Roland TD6 > M-Audio fast track pro > S2 in Logic.

    I've tried to load different Avatar kits (usually in 16 bit), including Joe K's s2.0 file which comes in at about 650m.

    The only thing I've done that I know about which could be affecting things is that I tried to build a large prog kit that used all the Avatar drums (5 toms) and most of the cymbals, plus six or seven x-drums from other kits including pop&rock and latin percussion. The levels of those instruments were at variance with the Avatar kit and with each other, so I turned them all up in the Instrument pane.

    I don't understand mike and midi key assignments, and stuff like that - can't work it out from the manual.



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      Thanks Scott.

      It's a PC - the old Logic DAW is emagical! - and it runs Pentium D, CPU 2.8 GHz, 0.99 GB RAM. According to my info we shouldn't have a problem on that score.

      And the distortion will happen a few seconds after the kit is loaded (which seems to be taking a few minutes rather than seconds) even when I'm auditioning drums in the GUI. On the kit, in the cans, the noise is awful and even the track I'm playing into warps all over the place.

      This does not happen in the other kits: I have made recordings successfully both in EZDrummer, and in Superior using DFH. You can bet I've done something, but I cannot think what it is.


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        1 GB of RAM is way on the low side if your kit is 650MB, and that RAM is also being used by the OS, the host, etc. I would bump that up to 2GB and see if it helps. Try running Superior in Toontracks free host, Solo, and see if that works, should give you an idea whether it is something to do with your DAW or not.

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          Joe's Avatar kit is coming in at

          Total 844m

          Loaded 849m

          in 16 bit mode. Presumably as a measure of the distortion, there's a red meter reading of +1.6 in the DAW's fader for the Superior track.


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            Originally posted by progsmacker View Post
            Joe's Avatar kit is coming in at

            Total 844m

            Loaded 849m

            in 16 bit mode. Presumably as a measure of the distortion, there's a red meter reading of +1.6 in the DAW's fader for the Superior track.
            Yes, that is a pretty high memory utilization for a 1GB machine. The DAW, OS and anything else running will consume memory as well beyond that. I use a 2GB machine. There are optimizations that can be made also to a kit for edrum use ... I don't know if I hit every single one in that particular file or not .. I know some of the earlier files I did not. How many kit pieces are in that particular one?

            Since the DAW fader is clipping, so you should reduce either the DAW fader or, within S2.0, the Master Volume. I probably saved the kit with the S2.0 Master Volume very hot and was using less volume on the DAW tracks.

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              Thank you Joe.

              We feel it is definitely a RAM issue, as we can use your kit when we (a) press Clear after the kit has loaded, then reload the samples in by playing the kit as we expect to for the particular song, and (b) hit Cache after that. By the way, you have two crashes, ride, four toms, hats, bass and snare in that one.

              I've been able to play along with all our guide tracks and audio parts in that setting without having my ears blasted, so all well and good.

              That said, we would ultimately want a much more varied kit (for the prog stuff, as you might expect) with added percussion and God knows what else all in the same kit edit page, if possible. So ... we are shopping for RAM, and I think we might over- rather than under-do it, within the range our computer can handle.

              Thanks very much for the kit - very nice hi-hat sounds coming from that one, even in our PD6 FD6 combination - and for the advice.


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                I use a modified "Joe" template. Basically I removed ALL articulations I will not use, loaded a different snare(GMS piccolo), I only load the ride over by the hats because I play lefty on a righty kit, and I use only 2 crashes instead of 4, all in 16 bit. 590 mb total, and I only have a gig of ram with absolutely no problems at all. My machine uses rdram(rambus), rather than ddr, so maybe that helps? However, when I first loaded Joe's template it also came in at about 850 mb, but still no distortion or drop outs.

                I DID notice some distortion while loading/unloading drums into ram while auditioning drums. This was remedied by completely unloading the ram, and then loading ONLY the drums I need. I "saved as", and now it loads as my default kit.
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                  Thanks Spish. I've invested in some more RAM, as the prog project I'm on is likely to demand a fairly full sonic palette. Speaking of which ...

                  Do you load x-drums? If so how do you map them?


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                    no x drums. I don't have any extra pads. If I did I would load a china or splash. Right click xdrum and hit learn button and then hit pad would be my guess to map it.


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                      I don't have any extra pads either! I'm think more about increasing the size of the kit in any edit (so can swap say a crash sound for a china sound), so loading the x drums as toggles into the S2 GUI.

                      Wondered if there would be any mapping needed, if so what.