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Help Needed! [DTXplorer/EZdrummer]

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  • Help Needed! [DTXplorer/EZdrummer]

    Hey Guys,

    Having a problem with 'Drum mapping'. i have a DTXplorer connected via usb to midi cable to my PC. the software i use are 'cubase SX 3' and Ezdrummer. everything works fine (velocity's etc) apart from my kick is the 'snare' sound and the snare is a crash.I'm pretty new to music software so if anyone could shed some light on this issue I'd very much appreciate it.
    or if anyone using a dtxplorer could give advice on software/setups they use.



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    Hi Andy,

    You need to use the GM standard I think, so select a GM kit on your brain and in cubase select the GM mappings. I cannot remember where in cubase this is, but look and you will find where it says "drum map" or "midi map". It's in the left hand panel of cubase when you have the EZ Drummer VST loaded or something.

    If you use addictive drums, I have a drum map specially for that which works great.

    Good luck.