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BFD not learning/responding to td-6

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  • BFD not learning/responding to td-6

    Put this under "in the studio " first in error.
    I have Pro Tools with a MBOX2. BFD is loaded and sounds great. I can click on the kick pieces in BFD and hear all of them with the different velocities. When I connect to the MBOX w/MIDI from the td-6 kit, nothing happens. Like I forgot to hook the cable up. I am sure I have to tell pro tools that it is talking to this type of device....but do not know how. I have been told I might need a driver from Rolands sight, but have not found anything I need. Any thoughts? I spent quite a bit of time searching first, but I could easily just be phrasing my query wrong. Any help/instruction would be appreciated even if it begins with "you are a complete idiot......"

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    Have you enabled the MIDI port in the preferences for ProTools?


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      There is a specific MIDI implementation that needs to be set up when you first install ProTools in order to use the MIDI ports on the interface. It sounds like you may have missed that when you installed the program. Don't feel bad, many do. You can always re-install the program and get the MIDI ports active.

      Once you are sure that that is done check the following.

      Click Setup in Protools and select Peripherals. Next, click on the tab for MIDI Controllers. In this section you will point to the MIDI port on your interface.

      You will also want to make sure that you are up to date with BFD2. What version of ProTools are you using?

      More info can be found at

      Good Luck!


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        Pro tools 7.4. Thanks for the help. I will give it a shot.


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          All I needed to do was set the track to ticks, not samples.