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superior2 and bdf2

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  • superior2 and bdf2

    I'm buying a presonus firebox tomorrow that comes with cubase. What else will I need to start using bfd2 and superior drummer 2. I own a td6v kit.

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    A computer might help. =0) But you'll need at least 1 MIDI cable (going from your output of your TD6 into the input on the firebox. A firewire cable (I believe that's what the firebox uses) if it doesn't already come with one. And some time learning Cubase, Superior 2, and your interface.
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      Hi anth202...can I suggest to use Reaper not that version of QBase, I had a lot of trouble with it (firestudio) and Reaper gives me no issues, and so much easier to use. There are two physical versions of firewire (the cable comes with the unit), most newish computers have the latest of course.
      As said you'll need a usb/midi cable
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