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TD20 BFD how to connect the dots?

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  • TD20 BFD how to connect the dots?

    OK I'm trying to get my TD20 to work with BFD 1.5 (I've downloaded all the software including the TD20 mapping for BFD... here's where I run into the snag.. how do I connect it?... well at first you'd say just buy a soundcard... ok, ez enough but I'm hoping I can connect it through something else:

    1: 01v96v2 Yamaha Mixer (which has midi) and the midi device appears to work correctly
    2: Guitar Rig Kontrol 3... while it doesn't make sense to put it through here, this device does have midi, and does show as an input output device in BFD
    3: I have a Midi to USB cable however that device does NOT show up in BFD (yeah bummer)
    4: Yamaha XS8 workstation I'm not sure what this buys me but it does have midi and the firewire connection to my PC works

    I'd prefer just to play with BFD in standalone mode and mess with it before I move on and upgrade to BFD 2.0 however if it's easier to do, there is the last option

    5: run it midi to the 01v96 and use cubase 4 and utilize VST... the problem with this, I'm not sure how that all works afterall I'm just a drummer...

    Currently I have an 8 channel snake that goes to the 01v96... the idea is eliminate that snake send a midi cable to it... free up the 8 channels and utilize BFD for the sounds :>

    Sorry I know it's a lot to suck in ... and it's my first post which is really verbose... but thanks in advance I'd appreciate anyones help...


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    What MIDI -> USB device do you have?



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      Originally posted by john emrich View Post
      What MIDI -> USB device do you have?

      Well the bad news is I don't know... when I plugged it in, it said turtle beach or something...

      The good news is I downloaded MIDI-OX... and voila!! it definitely works... I can hear the drums and see the ports sending data via MIDI-OX

      But, that doesn't help BFD
      BFD shows MOTU Audio ASIO
      ASIO Direct X
      ASIO Multimedia
      Rig Kontrol 3

      maybe this is more of a BFD question... I'll check those boards as well... let me know if you have any thoughts... thanks!


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        BFD supports most interfaces, but it's kind of hard to trouble shoot something when you don't know the name of it

        Also, I would look at this

        It is free and works great.

        You mentioned that BFD sees a MOTU driver. What do you have from MOTU plugged in to your setup?

        Go here for BFD help -



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          Originally posted by tidnab View Post
          MOTU Audio ASIO
          ASIO Direct X
          ASIO Multimedia
          Rig Kontroll 3
          Those are audio devices. Under I/O settings go to MIDI Ports and see what shows up.

          EDIT: oops, your on 1.5. Nevermind. I'm not sure how to set the MIDI Ports in 1.5, but that's where your USB/MIDI cable should show up.

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