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Issues With Superior 2 - Bouncing Audio...

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  • Issues With Superior 2 - Bouncing Audio...

    So I finished up a 7 1/2 minute song for my neighbor (holy crap it's so damn long, hahaha) and he wants the .wav's for Kick, Snare, Toms, Overheads, & Hi-Hats.

    So what I was going to do was just go to the "Bounce" part of Superior 2, solo my MIDI from Sonar 7, hit "R" in Superior, then play back the whole song until it's done, it got like 41,000,000 samples or around there recorded. Then I hit "Bounce" select my folder, and wait. I've waited for 10 minutes and the progress bar only goes up about 1/4 then doesn't go any higher.

    I've tried this 3 times now and it gets stuck on the same spot, yet it doesn't freeze. It's sure not my computer as I'm running 4 gigs of DDR2-800 ram, a quad core processor, and my entire kit in Superior is just under 800mb's. I've did this with songs that were 3 minutes with no issues, and that was with entire guitar, bass, vocal, etc. tracks opened in Sonar as well.

    Not sure any other way to bounce them down into sonar so I can have multi tracks!

    But I do notice when I click "Close" in the Bounce window once it's stuck at that 1/4 or so on the bar my kit is only loaded at 3mb and it doesn't go back up. And when I try to load my .s20 project file it either freezes or closes Sonar or both.

    Please helppp!

    EDIT: I've even tried stopping the song at only 30 seconds in and it still does the same thing. As soon as I click "Bounce" it puts my kit at "0mb" so it can't bounce anything since it makes it that nothing is loaded. I'm completely stumped. Then when I close the project in Sonar it gives me "A fatal error has occured in Superior Drummer" with a bunch of letters and numbers and in what .dll it occured in. One was from the Superior Drummer.dll in my VST plugin's in cakewalk, the last time it was from something under windows/system32/---.dll The program runs fine, I can export the entire song through Sonar with no issues, I can use it in Standalone fine, I can load up every single mic on every arcitulation so it's at 2 gigs and it still runs fine, it's ONLY when I go to bounce the wav's! =0(

    I'm running Sonar in 24/96 and I'm exporting in 24bit, I tried using the "Cache" and without it (I normally don't have it on) and it didn't make any difference.

    The only reason for bouncing is to be able to import back into Sonar then choose which tracks I want to bounce out as .wav's (the 5 mentioned above) for my neighbor. I read the manual saying to do the "Multichannel" option in the mixer window in Superior but when I do that I have no idea how to make it so I can get several tracks with one having kick, one having toms, one having snare, etc. I tried making 5 MIDI tracks and just copying the MIDI then choosing my output as "Superior Drummer 1" then all the way to the left I have 16 outputs I can choose within Superior but whether it's on "NONE" or any of the 16 it only plays whatever is on the "Output 1" of the Superior 2 mixer which is Kick. I'm completely fine with doing it that way too but if someone could explain it'd be really helpful. Thanks so much.
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    Fixing the bouncing issue


    I had the same problem until I installed the latest update. (2.02 I think). The progress bar would only go so far then stop.

    The only issue I have now is that when I bounce the tracks the hi-hat sound does not come out correctly. Closed hi-hat sounds end up as open hi-hat sounds when I play the bounced wave file.