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In Toontrack Solo (Superior 2): "MIDI Controller: E-drums"

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  • In Toontrack Solo (Superior 2): "MIDI Controller: E-drums"

    I made a thread a while ago about how I couldn't get my hihat controller to work with Addictive Drums even with midi mappers and all that. Well, I got Superior 2.0 and the same problem persisted, but fortunately the "Midi Controller: E-drums" setting in Toontrack Solo fixed it. However, I cannot record midi with Toontrack Solo

    So, does anyone know what the "e-drums" setting does, and if that can be done manually so that I could use Superior as a VST in a host software with midi recording capabilities?

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    Yes! That worked! I love you man, a thousand thanks. This makes life so much easier...