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Saving Superior Drummer 2 Setup

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  • Saving Superior Drummer 2 Setup

    Does anyone mind explaining to me how to save a setup in SD2? I have files off of an old system but nothing is complete. I have XDrums, drum kits, mixer settings, layers etc...

    Do I have to save a preset of all of these or can this be saved into a project? I would like to have a few configurations, one very lite for recording and latency, the others have more instruments and layers for advanced editing and bouncing down. I would like a particular setup to load by default and have the others to choose from eliminating the loading of multiple presets for layers and mixers and kits and blah blah blah.

    I can't seem to put the pieces together and my ADD skimming of the manual didn't turn up anything. My run-on sentences probably don't help either, but hey, I am a guitar player after all.

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    You can save the entire S2.0 project by choosing "Save Project" (and then "Load Project") from the bottom of the Presets menu. It saves an .s20 file. Is that what you are asking?

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