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TD-20 MIDI help/Question

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  • TD-20 MIDI help/Question

    Hey Everyone!

    Long time lurker...1st time poster here. Just want to say that this forum is great and really helps people out...so KUDOS!!!

    Im having a syncing issue when recording ezDrummer drums over guitar tracks. (Im triggering ezDrummer with my TD-20 via MIDI)

    Ok I'll set up the senario:

    1. I record some guitar tracks into cubase sx3
    2. I record some drums over the riff using ezDrummer(triggered via MIDI using the TD-20)
    3. During recording, the drums and guitar track(s) are perfectly in time...no problems until Playback......
    4. When I listen back to what I just recorded...the ezDrummer midi notes occour EARLY!!! not late...but early!!! Almost by a full second. SO there is some sort of syncing issue that I can't figure out

    This issue is very annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Quick Gear List:

    p4 Quad Core..2gbRAM...80GB interal WD Raptor(10K)..1TB external Storage..Win XP pro

    Cubase sx3

    RME Fireface 800

    PreAmps/Mic Pre's

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    that is strange indeed, early..i've never seen that one.what happens if you record the drums first, then the guitar..did you try that? it might give you a clue. post the results, im interested to see what that does.


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      Not sure as to what's causing the MIDI to go out of phase dude, but why don't you just change the start time of the MIDI track to compensate for the phase issue? Ctrl+I brings up the infoview bar up the top. Click on your MIDI, then click on the offset and reduce its value to bring the MIDI back into phase. A while ago I used to use Cubase SL and when I recorded MIDI it ended up out of phase. Strangely enough though, after I upgraded to SX while using the exact same setup the MIDI phase problem was fixed.. That one still boggles my mind to this day... Anyway, hope that helps man
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