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upgrading td-3, new module or laptop?

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  • upgrading td-3, new module or laptop?

    (I have UTFSE and have done some browsing... :-P)

    I've got a TD3 that I really want to upgrade to play out at live gigs playing pop and radio-friendly rock (my acoustics are just on the edge of being too loud for some of the places we play). I have been reading all about the different modules. I even bought a td12 with a pd125 and eventually returned it because I couldn't work through the hotspot issues and the sounds were just okay. I am most interested in quality of sound and mixing up patches during sets. I don't mind rubber pads so I'm sticking with them for now. I've looked at the td9 with vex and have been considering that when I started looking at the VST forum. Now I'm thinking if I buy a laptop and software, I can get better sounds then ANY module with VEX. I am already in the market for a new laptop, so I just need to figure out what interfaces I need on it and what software to buy. Ezdrummer seems like a popular place to start and it has an upgrade path, but I think I need other software and a firewire interface for low latency? Does this seem like a good idea? Other thoughts or opinions? Am I on the right track?



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    Hi,id get a TD9 module and use vex.Lugging a pc and such to a live gig i just would not do,software is very unreliable.If your windows xp or vista or whatever your using decides to chuck a hissy fit in the middle of a gig i wish you luck.There will be more TD9 vex packs coming im sure(is this correct amonline?) so a TD9 for sure.I am in the same boat as you,getting a TD3(had 1 before)soon due to $$$ and will upgrade slowly,But sound through a good p.a with a roland(yes TD3 included)is awesome i think.
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      Thanks for the response. I have wondered about using VST on a laptop in a live setting.

      Have a lot of folks experienced laptops failing during gigs? More so than modules? The laptops I have owned seemed pretty stable. Is there something about EZDrummer that would make a laptop crash more often then say Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer?

      Also, I was thinking I would run the audio out from the TD3 to the mixer and mute that channel and if the laptop failed, I could quickly switch over to the TD3 audio to get through the rest of the evening.




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        I am in the same position as you. I have a set of TD-3s and up until recently I was using it to trigger Battery 3. I was happy with it but then I tried Superior 2.0 and was completely blown away. First of all it mapped itself to my td-3s perfectly. No midi # programming necessary. Secondly, the samples are unbelievable. As I said before I was completely blown away. Watch the demo videos found here.

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        I am in total awe of how realistic these samples sound. And all the parameters are tweakable. I would see if Toontracks' website has a demo and then check it out. Since your already in the market for a laptop- buy one and keep the TD-3 module as your midi interface. I would also buy a fourth PD-8 and put it in the empty Crash 2 input. Then you will be able to take advantage of the dual trigger capabilities of it no matter what software you use. I haven't bought one yet but I plan on it in a few weeks. Hope this was helpful and let us know what you end up doing.



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          I have had laptops fail in the middle of shows. Refuse to boot at sound check. Audio drivers mysteriously disappearing. I would never use a laptop live again.

          I have never had a module fail, so that is what I use.

          I will agree that some of the software drums are incredible sounding, but it is not worth the risk to me.

          There have been others who have never had a problem with laptops. This might be your experience also. You may never know till you try. But you will need a good low-latency audio interface.


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            Running Winblowz XP i had all of the above problems. Currently i'm a happy iMac owner and it really runs like a charm. No problems what so ever. It has been powered on for almost 2 months now (No reboots), and i just pic up my headphones and sticks and commence with my drum session.

            Check out the MacBook or the MacBook Pro. But you will need a external Firewire audio interface.

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              Yes I forgot to mention that too, I am a Mac owner and I rarely have problems. I am very happy with my current setup.


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                If you cannot dedicate a computer to the stage (ie: you play video games, Skype, install every browser update as well as Google and Yahoo Search bars, open email, etc.) then it is best not to gig with a computer, I think. Also, it helps to have hardware configurations that do things such as disable all Network Interfaces and any other completely unnecessary drivers.

                I think it is also very good precaution to do what you can to minimize vibration (shock mount the laptop).

                As demonstrated in the NAMM '08 video referenced, that presentation was held all day long, each day using Beta software, triggers, an engineer changing kit parameters in real-time and a vocal microphone and drum track being recorded in Logic on the same computer with a fairly inexpensive M-Box pro for an audio interface. Never failed.


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                  The guy I bought my TD-3 from used to gig it with a Macbook and Garage band.

                  I was going to buy a used TD-12 module, but I'm pretty happy using Addictive Drums or Superior 2.0.
                  That said... I think if I was a gigging drummer I'd probably use acoustics (*gasp*)

                  FWIW I use Superior 2.0 with Windows Vista, and have had it crash to desktop 3 times while also running background tasks.
                  I never have issues when it's the only app running.

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                    I use my A-Kits for gigging. =0P But that's not what's being talked about here. Either Mac or Windows, I'd still run a physical module (TDXX) for gigging out. Yeah it may not have exactly the acoustic sound to it, but running through a full PA and such with other instruments it's going to sound damn good.

                    Plus a laptop/hardware/etc. is just more stuff to lug around, set up, time consuming, etc. Put that $2-3,000 into a TD-20 with the TDW-20 card into it and I'm sure you'll be more than happy. Especially once the VEX kits come out for it! I have yet to get the card as I just use my TD-20 in practice/recording MIDI then use Superior 2.0 for the sounds.

                    Computers are a great but mysterious tool. You may never know what could happen to it live, but again with the right stuff it may never have an issue. It's all personal preference, just don't half ass it either way.
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                      You could always go this route: http://www.museresearch.com/

                      Sometimes, I really get curious about it...

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                        I think we could all agree that by their very nature laptops are probably more prone to failure than modules (I use both at my show). Just merely having to deal with an operating system, extra software, more delicate hardware, etc. the laptop becomes less suited for performances. However, if you're convinced that you can't get the sounds you need from a dedicated module, a laptop would probably serve you fine. However, I would always carry a backup module or laptop with you.


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                          Thanks for all of the input. The prevailing opinion seems to be that a laptop configuration wouldn't provide a stable and reliable enough platform in a live environment. So, it looks like it's back to trying to find a module that suits my needs.

                          I have to say that I'm not very impressed with the rate of maturation of module technology relative to other electronic products (computers, games, PDAs, etc.). Perhaps I'll try the td9 next with the vex toolbox and see how that sounds and feels.

                          Thanks again,



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                            If your daw is audio optimized (XP not Vista) you can get good reliabilty out of it, Ive used for live recording for years without a hiccup.

                            Running edrum samplers is a different animal though. Its running the samples at near zero latency that taxes the computer. I wouldnt be afraid to do it, but you definately need a backup plan such as internal module sounds.


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                              I was pondering on getting a new module and here's the things i considered
                              1- modules don't seem to progress much in terms of technology (hope 2box does )
                              2-i'm better of with a tmc a audio interface
                              3-the huge momentum vst's are picking up
                              -receptor is looking good but i'll wait for the next one
                              because once again they missed the boat by not having the cpu processor i expect at that price. which is the new Intel core i7 http://hothardware.com/Articles/Gett...deo-Spotlight/

                              I'm waiting and saving for a laptop with an intel i7, i want the smallest laptop possible.
                              but here's some pc/laptop advice
                              1-get an m box
                              2-don't spend money on massive internal hard drives (aim for fast ! http://www.pcworld.com/article/15077...rformance.html
                              3-determine what needs to be on the fast internal drive and get a
                              1t external drive aint too expensive keep your itunes and saved files their..
                              and create a shortcuts on your main drive for when you plug the external in

                              4-try using toontrack especially if your playing live, why launch
                              pro tools if your live?

                              a current dell xps laptop could handle vst's like cheesecake
                              but i'm waiting until they come with Intel core i7's.
                              the last thing you wanna do is blow your cash then find out 6 months latter there's a newer version of what you bought
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