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New E-drumming section at FXpansion forum

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  • New E-drumming section at FXpansion forum

    Hello all,

    There has always been a large amount of edrummers using BFD. Between all of the various edrum related forums, audio forums, and electronic music forums it can be difficult to address all of the questions that pop up from time to time. As a result we have put an "Edrumming with BFD" thread together in the community section of our forum - http://www.fxpansion.com/forum/

    This is in no way designed to stop the conversations that you are having here at vdrums.com. In fact, we encourage them. By creating this new section, we should be able to help more people with various edrumming topics, as they relate to the use of BFD.

    John Emrich

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    Ah, this is great news John - thanks very much for making this known.


    (I'm algodon over there - somebody had already taken Relayer, but I've never seen them post.)
    No more V-drums; all acoustics now.


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      At least you have the same avatar!

      I encourage everyone with BFD questions to ask them at FXPansion. It is easier to keep from missing someone.