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How to use Td-6V in Logic Pro (as a full fledged midi instrument)

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  • How to use Td-6V in Logic Pro (as a full fledged midi instrument)

    I am the owner of a V-drums with Td-6v console,
    I have connected it to my G5 mac via a motu midi 2 by 2 interface and my audio interface is a apogee duet.
    I wish to use my V-drums as a full on midi instrument through Logic Studio 8.
    I wish to acqurie full knowledge on how to setup the Td-6v so that i can use the kits provided by the TD-6 and set it up in my Logic Studio 8 so that I can play my V-drums, use the Td-6vs' kits and save the midi data I record in my logic projects.

    basically Rock n'Roll Logically! --->--->--->--->

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    Create a new track
    Select the external MIDI instrument as the type
    Record enable the track
    Away you go

    You have used the Audio Midi Setup utility in the Utilities folder of the Applications folder, I'm assuming, to describe your MIDI setup.

    You may want to use the AMS utility to specify that the TD6 only uses Chnl10.

    You'll also need to identify the option on the TD6 that allows you to turn off local control otherwise you'll trigger the sounds twice when you play the kit (once immediately and then a very short time after when the MIDI data makes it up to the Mac, through Logic and back out the MOTU).

    It may also be worth using Google to see if there's an environment object for the TD6 which would make it easy to select patchs from within Logic


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      I dunno how to setup the environment in logic to use V-drums

      I switched off local control and also made the sync external for the Td-6v so that Logicpro is the master and the Td-6s' the slave.

      I'm stuck at the environment and the setup within Logic. Your reply helped me realized that i''m almost there, just need this last thing done to get beating... Please fill in the needful for me would be Grateful



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        Ok, firstly you don't have to setup the environment that's just a nice to have because it means you can have the right patch names in a drop down list making it easier to change the patches from within Logic.

        Assuming you have created a new song, added an external midi instrument track and made sure that the track is record enabled you should be able to confirm that the basic MIDI setup is working by looking at the transport bar and specifically the bit that displays location and tempo; to the right of this Logic will show incoming MIDI data in the form of note and note on messages. So when you strike a pad you should see activity here; are you seeing this?

        Hopefully you are and, if I remember correctly, the default behaviour in Logic is for the MIDI thru to be active so you should also be hearing output from the TD6 - is this the case?

        What would help is you could provide detailed information on how you've cabled everything together. Where is the output (audio) of the TD6 routed to?


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          Thakyou, it work now, I'm super thrilled bro.

          Also how-if I want to use different patches in the same project of the TD-6Vs' soundbank-can I?
          How will the information be saved within the project so that if I resume the project on a later date, will Logic recognise the different patches I had selected earlier?--->

          Thanks a ton,