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Vst TDW-20 controller

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  • Vst TDW-20 controller

    I've been thinking about this for a while as.....
    A. My TDW-20 is a good 9ft from my mixer, speakers, racks & pc k'board & mouse.
    B. I'm sure i recall that you could build midi control interfaces within cubase(or something similar) some time back(and maybe you still can).
    C It would be cool & VERY HANDY.

    BUT........... is the enough midi control on the tdw-20 that we could have a vst softsynth style interface for controlling all or many of the TDW's parameters from within cubase or whatever we may use.

    It would be so useful for doing all that tweaking & stuff

    Just a wishful thought maybe but worth a stab

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    You probably could, but you'd need to know what midi messages did what. Is there a midi implimentaton chart in your TDW-20 manual? How much can VDL do by passing sysex?


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      Hmmmm I thought the may have been more interest in something like this maybe i'm just barking up the wrong tree and the isn't enough midi control on the tdw(or any of the roland range come to that) to make this a real worthwhile bit of kit. But it would be so handy to be able to tweak levels, verbs, comps, head damping, pitch, mic position etc from a nice little vst running on your daw while sat infront of your monitors & desk trying to get that sound & mix perfect