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How to change what drum sound is triggered [Sonar/EZdrummer]

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  • How to change what drum sound is triggered [Sonar/EZdrummer]

    I have a Roland HD-1. I'm pretty sure with the limited module I don't have any customization. This isn't really a problem because I am using soft synths for the sounds through midi using Sonar. I've messed around with EZDrummer and some of the built in sounds and they are great. My question is, how do I change say my left foot to a kick instead of hi hat, or my wimpy ride for a china or a cowbell? Someone had mentioned changing the midi note that is sent in Sonar. If this is what I need to do can someone give me some details? EZDrummer has pulldowns for different types of the same drum, but I want to be able to change the drum completely. Thanks.


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    I've been messing around with the kit some more and if anyone is familiar with preset 2 with variation, that is exactly what I want to do but through midi.


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      In SONAR you can select the Options menu and then Project. From there select the Metronome tab. Finally on that page you can change the midi notes sent to trigger the sound you want. Just make sure you have MIDI and not Audio metronome selected. Otherwise the click will be generated in SONAR and not via MIDI.
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