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Acoustic drum set triggering addictive kick and snare, help!

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  • Acoustic drum set triggering addictive kick and snare, help!

    Hopefully some of techies here can help me!

    I'm currently working for an artist who produces and records all of his own music, including drums. All drums are programmed in midi using mainly the Addictive drums plug in, along with another plug in (can't remember the name). The overall style and sound is a fast paced pendulum (d&b) type drum sound, powerful but still acoustic.

    I've used a TD-20 in the live setup thus far with the TD-20 brain and the sounds didn't quite cut it (plus I didn't enjoy the feel). So, I've moved on to an acoustic kit which is sounding great, but could be better with triggers.

    (please bare in mind I'm a newbie at electronic drum stuff, any advice or improvements is much appreciated)

    I'm looking to trigger the kick drum and snare with Ddrum Pro triggers. These triggers will be running into Roland TMC-6 midi unit, which is conncted to a Edirol FA-66 firewire soundcard, running into a spec'd up macbook pro, which will be running a backing track in logic + Addcitive drums, mapped to the triggers. The soundcard has 4 outputs, enough for Kick, Snare, and backing track to route to the mixing desk.

    I'm on the verge of buying this gear, so being a newbie I thought it best to run it by some pro's here who might be spot possible issues before I've spent money.

    Will this setup work for my needs? Are there likely to be any hardware conflicts / latency issues? Also, the Ddrum triggers have XLR connectors on them, the Roland TMC-6 takes jack inputs from the triggers so I'll have to get XLR to jack leads (I've heard the wiring must be correct otherwise it wont work). If anyone knows which XLR to JACK leads I need that would be very helpful.

    Here's a quick image of how I assume the setup will work:

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    You can buy ddrum cables for their Pro triggers: ddrum Trigger Cable for Kick and Tom. (But other equivalent unbalanced XLR to TS cables are cheaper: Hosa PXM110.)

    If you're getting the dual sensor snare trigger, then I don't think you would want the ddrum cable for that which uses two inputs; ddrum Y Cable for Snare and Other Brains, because you could use TRIG 2 (SNARE) dual zone input on the TMC-6. So for the snare I think you'd want the DDrum TRS Stereo Snare Trigger Cable or equivalent.

    (The trigger signal has nothing to do with MIDI; only the connection from TMC-6 to the FA-66 audio interface involves MIDI.)



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      Would the DDrum TRS Stereo Snare Trigger Cable work with the Roland TMC-6 unit?

      My knowledge of how all this gear and the cables connect is based purely on loose research and speculation. I really need someone here to go "get this this and this and you should be ok".

      I am getting the Ddrum pro snare trigger - but am confused as to how this detects rim shots and how the TMC-6 will interperet this in conjunction with Addictive.

      If someone could explain to me I'd be very much so in your debt. We have 4 days rehearsal sceduled for this week, and I need to email a list of this stuff to the manager who's going to order it tomorrow so it's ready for setting up on tuesday. arhhh!!



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        Yes, the snare trigger has a separate rim sensor and the TMC-6 input 2 can use that to generate a different MIDI note number for the snare rim.

        I forgot that your plan only includes kick and snare, with no tom triggers. In that case either ddrum snare cable would be fine (even the one with two 1/4 TS connectors at the module end) because you won't be short of inputs on the TMC-6. But using the single TRS connector cable would let you add up to four more triggers in the future if necessary.

        You might want to browse some threads about using Addictive Drums:

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          1) you are going to need a very fast audio card unless you want to deal with a 10+ ms latency on your playing. I suggest rack mounting a computer with a PCI or PCI-E interface, or at least an RME firewire card on a fast computer.

          2) Depending on whether you want the real drum sounds heard, you may want to add roland v-drum heads (where the head sizes are available) and use roland triggers on your acoustic kit. I get great response on a td-3 with that combination, but it is silent. If you play through large PA systems, the silent heads wont mean much. You will have to wear in ears or have a good monitoring rig on stage, however. Otherwise, the mylar heads will make a sound, and the addictive drum kit may sound completely different, especially if it is a D&B style sound (some of the AD presets are wild). In many venues, you may have too much volume between the kit itself and the electronic sounds.

          3) Watch out for laptops around a stage. They are not beer-proof and I learned that the hard way at a show a few months ago.



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            I have also found that cubase SX runs at lower latencies than Live on the same machine, but YMMV