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TD9 + Addictive Drums... hihat controller doesn't work

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  • TD9 + Addictive Drums... hihat controller doesn't work

    So, I've connected my Roland TD-9SX drumset to my computer and re-mapped the MIDI so that I get the correct sounds in Addictive Drums. However, no matter what I do, I can't get the hihat controller to work. The hihat pedal sound in itself does work (it recognizes the foot pad), but no matter what position the pedal is in (open/closed), it always plays whatever sound is assigned to the "open hihat" position when the actual hihat pad is struck.

    Anyone got any idea what's up?

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    Addictive Drums apparently can't use Control Change #4 open/closed info directly so you have to use a MIDI mapper to convert:

    TD9 and Battery 3 / Addictive Drums ...



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      I downloaded the .xml map for eDrum Midi Mapper but the problem persists.

      Also... I'm using FL Studio as my host program. Could that be of any significance?

      edit: well i tried another sequencer and it didn't help
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        Try G3 for the open, E3 for the closed and C3 for the pedal. I saw that map, but I don't know where those notes are coming from, 'cos in my version of Addictive Drums this is the correct mapping.

        Good luck.

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          I'm not sure if the .xml map you guys are referring to is the one I posted, but just in case here are the high hat maps that I use...
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            You're using different hh articulations as the MIDI output than the ones that work for me. I think this may be causing some confusion. If you look at the AD map, you'll see there are several variations of open and closed hat. The ones that work for you, don't work for me and that may be the case with others as well, and vice-verse.

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              how could it possibly be a case of it being about wrong samples? the problem is that the hihat only plays the sample assigned to the "open" position, no matter what I set it to be.


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                All I can tell you is that the configuration I gave you works perfectly for me. It sounds like for some reason either your module foot pedal changes are either not being sent out correctly, or the MIDI mapper is not receiving them correctly. I have no idea why, but you might try a factory reset on your module, just to make sure it's sending out the proper notes.

                Sorry, but this really is a puzzler.


                EDIT: ...and you're welcome.
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                No more V-drums; all acoustics now.