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Anyone using Ableton's Session Drums?

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  • Anyone using Ableton's Session Drums?

    Hi all,

    I use a TD12 kit and I'm quite happy with the playing response when using the TD12 module's internal sounds.

    I got myself the Ableton Live native sample library Session Drums when I upgraded to Live 7 a few months back and really like some of the kits, but I've never quite gotten it to respond "naturally" to my playing, not the way the TD12 module does. My main problems are with the hi-hat and cymbals. I feel kind of lost as to what to tweak.

    Anyone of you folks using the Session Drums library? Any tweaking tips? Can you get it to work nicely with a TD12 or should I move on to Superior/BFD et al?


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    Been curious about Session Drums for Ableton myself, specifically the sounds. There are some clips on the Ableton site, but are there any people on here using Session drums with their e kit? How does it feel/sound? I like that it's a native Ableton plug-in, but the sound is what really matters.