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New to MIDI with a TD-6

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  • New to MIDI with a TD-6

    Hello i'm new to the forums here and i hope to learn a lot from here But that will be no problem i think ^^

    I have a question. I read a lot on this forum but still don't know that good about what i try to figure out. I saw all the things about MIDI and EZdrummer and cubase and vdrumlib and things. i thought that sounds realy realistic. I have bought a MIDI cable and i already have vdrumlib, cubase 4 and EZdrummer on my PC. Now was my question as following. I connected my drums with my PC but what other things are there to do before i can play on my drums with the EZdrummer and the samples of it. I also try to record all the pads and things in different audio tracks on this way. But i don't know exactly how to do does. Sorry for my very bad english but i hope i did explain my story good for you people to understand what i mean. I hope somebody can help me out with this. It all looks realy hard to do in my opinion. But maby it's just that i don't know exactly what to do.


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    Not hard at all. You just have to learn it. First you install cubase and ez drummer. Put EZ drummer in the VST plugins folder in the steinberg/cubase folder, doesn't matter what version, it should be there. Then you open a new blank project. then open EZ drummer in the VST instruments window. Right-click where you normally have your tracks and add a midi track. Then choose EZ Drummer in the stereo out (middle of the screen to the left). Then you upgrade to Superior 2 cause EZ drummer is crap.