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Superior 2.0 and Cymbals?

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  • Superior 2.0 and Cymbals?

    I upgraded from Ezdrummer to Superior 2.0 and I do love it, but I'm having trouble with the cymbals. I have a Roland TD-3 with the dual trigger cymbals and with the help of people on this forum I've set up the drums ok thus far, but have some issues with the cymbals. I have to admit I'm a guitarist so I may not have the best understanding of cymbal terms, but here's my problem. I think you call the top of a cymbal the bow and the the edge the edge right? So for the ride I set up the bow to be the "ride" articulation and the edge to be the "punch" articulation and that seems to sound right when I play. For the crash cymbals the only articulations I see are "crash" and "mute". I'm guessing that "crash" is for the bow of the cymbal, but how do I set up a sound for the edge of the crash? I have also been unsucsessful setting up the choke on any cymbal. Is that what the "mute" articulation is for? any help is appriciated

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    There are no separate bow and edge samples for crashes in S2...You can either assign the crash articulation to both or use different cymbals for the bow and edge.

    The mutes are prerecorded cymbal chokes and are not much use for edrummers. To get your chokes working you need to select the cymbal you want by right clicking it > go to the envelope section > turn the envelope on (top right hand corner of the envelope sectio) > set the switch on the right to aftertouch > adjust the release part of the envelope to taste - try 120ms
    Damian Blunt
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