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Triggering cymbal stop from TD3 to S2.0

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  • Triggering cymbal stop from TD3 to S2.0

    I set my Superior Drum 2.0 Midi mapping so that it is well triggered by my TD3 Roland controller. The only thing I wasn't able to do is the cymbal stop option. I noticed that TD3 transmit Poliphonic Pressure message for it. And I read S2.0 can read this message. But how can I set it so that S2.0 reponds correctly and stop cymbal sample?
    Any help would be appreciated

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    You have to right click on the cymbal you want to have the choke work with, go to the bottom right and click on "articulation only" or whatever the name is then on the dropdown Menu make sure "Crash" is selected. Then go up to the envelope, click the upper right corner so the blue light is on, and select "aftertouch" then adjust to your liking.
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      Yeaahh. It works.
      Thank you very much, Adam