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Anybody own Claustrophobic EZX? Reviews?

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  • Anybody own Claustrophobic EZX? Reviews?

    I own S2 and love it but I need more variety in the cymbals.
    There are tons of cymbals in Claustrophobic EZX but how do they sound?
    If you own CEZX can you tell us if it's worth buying?

    Would it be suitable for jazz/swing type drumming?

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    I really like claustrophobic....It's got a really close up tight ambience and lots of mixing options such as distortion, chorus and plate reverb mics. The premier Gen-x toms for example have been recorded in lots of ways. There are 2 different stick options (presumably recorded with different heads) plus a damped stick kit. There are also brushed toms and toms recorded with a cymbal laying on them! There are a huge variety of kicks (just counted 18) and snares....The cymbal selection also features all the major players.

    I think claustrophobic works best if you want a modern contemporary sound - RnB, pop, hip-hop....I've used it in an indie track. I'm not so sure it would be really suited for jazz or swing....of course there are no rules though.

    Currently for jazzy options I would go for vintage or Nashville....both are recorded with brushes. Ultimately though it may be worth waiting for the jazz ezx which should be coming fairly soon.
    Damian Blunt
    Toontrack Quality Assurance Manager
    TD-20 RMP-12 (Snare) PD-125, 2 x PD-105, 1 x KD-120, VH-12, CY-15R, CY-14, CY-12R/C, 2 x CY-8, CY-5, MDS-12C


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      Great! Thanks for the info, gd.


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        i used it for a couple of covers of The Jesus and Mary Chain songs. I think it is pretty good for dark wave/80s stuff. really used for grooves and not to play it it at all.
        I don't think it's suitable for jazz (mayby 80s jazz?).
        It is very tight, even with all the cymbals. (hence the name)
        I like it.
        and if i ever do kraftwerk songs this would be the kit.