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Help Chris Jude or Jman or other gurus...

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  • Help Chris Jude or Jman or other gurus...

    I am interested in running AD with the Alesis Trigger i/o and Sonar 4.1. I am using Hart Kontrol Screen heads on my pdp toms with ddrum redshot triggers (I should probably upgrade to the pro versions though). For my snare, I am using a Roland pd-125. Do you have any advice for using this setup live? Also, I am running the software on a laptop w/ a core2duo 2GHz CPU, 4GB of ram, and a 160GB hard drive.

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    oops...i forgot i am running vista SP1 and using a firepod as an output.


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      Sounds like you got all the components to get up and running. Make sure you are running the latest ASIO drivers for the firepod to reduce your latency. Also experiment with buffer size till you get the lowest latency without getting digital breakup.

      I am not trying to discourage you, but I would never take a laptop live again. Those things are tricky enough without exposing it to the rigors of the road. I have had shows where I couldn't boot the thing or it had an app fail mid-set. Make sure your laptop is clean and tip-top shape and think about a backup.