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Help me understand midi

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  • Help me understand midi

    So, I have now got the bug to try superior 2.0 but have no idea how the midi thing works. I have the roland td9 brain, Macbook Pro, and my roland pm 10. So, how does it work together. Does my audio come from my brain or my laptop when using midi? I'm at a loss and dont know if I will need extra gear etc.. Help needed


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    This would be a good start...

    Sabre's Album


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      While you are digesting the wiki, i will give a short answer: by connecting midi out from the td 9 to midi in on the laptop (if the laptop doesnt have a midi in, you can get a usb to midi adaptor), you can use the signals from the td 9 (ie what pads you hit and how hard) to trigger superior 2 from your laptop...you can then listen to the laptop either through headphones, or speakers....

      If for some strange reason you wanted to, you COULD connect midi out from your laptop to midi in on the td-9, and hit the keys to trigger the sounds of your td-9 (probably via a sequencer of some sort - or a midi keyboard). Whatever floats your boat.....
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