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  • FREE: Drum VSTi

    I was doing some research to see if there were any decent sounding, FREE, and no-install-required drum VSTi out there. Here's what I've turned up thus far.

    I've only inspected BlueNoise's website thus far but the screenshots look promising and it requires NO INSTALL. Seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone have direct experience with any of these?

    This was for a small project I was considering for my brother who always voiced interested in drums. I have an extra DIY steel snare I'm converting and my thought was as follows:

    * Get a free VSTi host that requires no install and can run from a USB flash drive
    * Get a free drum VSTi that requires no install and can run from a USB flash drive
    * Get a free DIY drum-to-MIDI utility/module/something that can convert the piezo to MIDI output via a soundcard input (mic or line-in), as that's all my brother will have

    Then I can send him the snare and a plug-and-play USB thumb drive pre-loaded and pre-configured as best I can. At most he should have to connect the cable to his PC, maybe tweak the input levels, maybe set the audio and MIDI device in the drum-to-MIDI and VSTi host app, and could then just plug it in and start banging away! Now THAT would be a kick ass Christmas present!

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    MyDrumset sounds pretty good! And great price to boot!